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Although most of us strive for a happy and harmonious life, there are times when life can be a challenging process.  Our experiences since birth can shape who we are today, yet there are moments during our journey when unexamined or unfinished experiences cause emotional unrest.

Commonly, the people who contact me are looking for help with the distress that is currently occurring in their lives.  While some feel depressed or anxious, others feel trapped by patterns of frustrating or destructive behaviors.  Some are struggling to navigate the on-going distress in their lives by themselves, while others need help dealing with an immediate crisis. Some clients have just ended a romantic relationship, while others are just beginning one.  

I help people that have lost their way-their happiness or their romance and passion in life.  I help people find a way to "turn on the lights again."  For some, this process might be slower and require finding the "flashlight or the candles" first, if you will.  And for others, finding one's passion for life might require flipping on the switch for the flood lights.   Really digging in to life and addressing those things that get in the way of one's happiness.  It is different for every human being.  I help people move forward and become unstuck.  

The healing can come from each individual exploring ways to make sense of their lives and to experience and enjoy their own, unique life to the fullest. Mary Oliver, an inspired poet challenges us with her writings:  "Listen-are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?"  She also writes: "What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"  These are the type of questions that lead to healing and the ability to claim this life that is uniquely yours to live. 

It is my belief that this life can be an opportunity to be happy.  It takes work and committment and, at times, great perserverance.  Are you ready to embrace and recognize your moments of happy? To live the life that you choose to live?  To be exactly who you want to be?  We are not our depression, our grief, our anxiety, nor our sadness.  These are parts of our life--they do not have to be the way we define our entire life.